Web Development

Get the Full Package

Need a new website built from the ground up? Then the easiest solution for you is a full Website Development Package.

To get started, we’ll set up an enticing “coming soon” page at your domain. It’ll help get the people who are already looking for you excited. No more 404!

Next, you’ll choose from a selection of modern, mobile-friendly website themes — which we’ll customize to fit your branding and corporate identity.

Once you’ve picked your theme, our copywriter will get in touch. He’ll interview you about your business and your customers. He’ll write your all-original text, and pass it on to you to review and approve.

Once you’re happy with your site, we’ll create a production build that’s ready for deployment. If you have a hosting package with us, we’ll deploy your site live on your domain. Otherwise, we’ll give you a zip file with your production build that you can deploy wherever you like.

Note: you’ll need web hosting and a logo for us to build your website. If you don’t have these already, take a look at our Website Hosting and Graphic Design packages.

Level 1

Website Package Level-1 Includes:

1 Page Website
Free Theme
0-500 Words
3 to 4 Hours

R 1,800.00 ex VAT

Level 2

Website Package Level-3 Includes:

1 Coming Soon Page
5 Page Website
Paid Theme
0-500 Words
5 to 10 Days

R 7,000.00 ex VAT

Level 3

Website Package Level-4 Includes:

1 Coming Soon Page
8 Page Website
Paid Theme
0-1500 Words
5 to 10 Days

R 7,700.00 ex VAT

Level 4

Website Package Level-5 Includes:

1 Coming Soon Page
12 Page Website
Paid Theme
0-1500 Words
5 to 10 Days

R 8,200.00 ex VAT

Level 5

Website Package Level-6 Includes:

1 Coming Soon Page
12+ Page Website
Paid Theme
R 2.00 per Words
R 290.00 per hour Web Development


Business Info

WordPress or Cpanel Login info

Coming Soon Page

Website Pages

Note: Please rename the images with the page title so we know where each image should be placed.

Theme Options

Note: Please rename the images as slider1, slider2 etc...

Design Elements

Please provide us with your colour hex codes if you know them or the colour name and we will get the hex code from the logo.

Total: R ex VAT