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Everything you need to succeed online

Internet Dominance is a one-stop-shop digital agency. We build custom websites and mobile apps with modern tools. We write content that converts visitors into customers. We manage your social media to keep your followers engaged. We help you get your website up and running online, and keep it that way.

Website Hosting


Your website is only as reliable as your hosting

Getting a domain online can be much more complicated than it looks. As a business owner, it’s up to you to decide how much time and energy you’re willing to put towards keeping your website’s lights on.

If you’d rather be busy running your business than configuring domains and provisioning servers, then chat to us about a hosting plan.

We offer custom deals for everyone from startups to enterprise. The main factors that will determine your costs are:

  • Hosting Space
  • Sub-Domains
  • Email Mailboxes
  • Databases

Contact us for a tailor-made solution.

Website Development

Custom websites with modern tools

You probably already know why you need a website – that’s what brought you to read this very line of text. But why not just use one of those “easy” build-it-yourself solutions like the ones you find on the internet.

Because building a good website is hard work, and DIY solutions are only simple until something breaks.

We build websites with accessibility, maintainability, and common sense in mind. A well-architected website will save you money in the long run. Downtime makes you lose customers. Security breaches destroy your reputation. Bugs keep you awake at night. We can take those burdens off your shoulders, leaving you free to focus on what you do best: building your business.

We can help figure out what you really need, and then we’ll build it.

Contact us for a custom-built website.


App Development


Get closer to your customers

Mobile application development is booming for good reason: native mobile apps increase engagement, foster customer loyalty, and boost brand recognition.

Internet Dominance offers everything you need to support your mobile application development project. We deliver cutting-edge research, development, and design to match your project’s unique requirements and constraints.

Once we complete your project, we provide extensive quality assurance from industry professionals. We make sure that everything works as expected, and that your app produces the results you’re looking for.

Our solutions can be built and tested to work seamlessly on any mobile device, from small-screened smartphones to the biggest tablets.

Let’s chat about your requirements, potential pitfalls, and opportunities for growth.

Contact us for an app development solution.

Social Media

Keep your customers engaged

You’ve read it before: Facebook likes are not a real measure of business success. Having a million likes isn’t going to win you any more customers on its own.

While this is absolutely true, it’s also not the whole story. When your customer attempts to engage with your business, they expect to find you on the channel of their choice. If a potential customer looks you up on Facebook and finds a page with 100 likes and no posts since 2016, they could easily be put off.

We offer real social media solutions for businesses who need a holistic online presence. We work with you to find the places where your customers expect to find you, and make sure that you’re there to meet them.

Contact us for a realistic social media strategy.


Content Writing


Words that win you sales

Your website is your online salesperson. Your customers are won or lost by what your sales staff say to them, and the same goes for your website. It doesn’t matter how pretty, sexy, or blonde your website is: the wrong words will make potential customers walk away.

If you think you can just sit down for an afternoon and bang out your website’s text, you’re probably wrong. Writing is much harder once you start putting words on paper. It also takes much longer than you first imagine.

Our process is simple. Our copywriter will contact you to set up an interview. You’ll chat about your business like a guest star on a talk show, and our writer will take notes. We’ll work closely with you to tell your business’s story on your website, in the right tone for your audience.

Contact us to tell your story.