Custom Applications

The Most Popular Mobile Platform

Today, most people prefer mobile apps to websites. Apps have significant advantages over websites – they’re faster, smoother, better tailored to mobile devices, and of course, accessing them just takes the tap of a finger. Do you want your business to live inside your customers’ pockets? Then you’ll need a mobile app.

Which is better, iOS or Android? The answer is both. Having an app for both platforms is the only way to cover all your bases. That being said, resources don’t always permit building two separate apps.
When forced to choose one, your first and most important data point to consider is your users. If you know what platform the majority of your customers are on, use that one.

If you don’t have a customer base to analyze yet, then you’ll have to base your decision on the advantages of each platform. So what makes Android better (for your business) than iOS?

Market Share

Android absolutely dominates the mobile device market, with over 80% of mobile phones running the platform.


Getting your app on the Google Play Store only takes a one-time fee. The Android operating system is open source, so there’s no additional cost to use it.

We build custom Android apps. We work with you to create a detailed design spec, and then construct your app from scratch, always keeping your feedback in mind.

Custom Android Applications Price

R 380,00 Per Hour